Hydrotherapy for Pain Relief

Your Fastlane Pools Fitness System, with its heated water and current generator, is just the kind of aquatic environment that naturally aids in the release of muscle tension. If you suffer from chronic aches and pains, you’ll find therapeutic relief through low-impact activities that help strengthen and tone your muscles without straining your joints. The natural resistance of water provides a gentle total-body workout that keeps you fit and invigorated.

Choose your Workout Level

Our fitness and exercise systems are so versatile, they give you the freedom to choose the level of workout intensity that is right for you. Opt for high-resistance training by letting the stream go against your muscles or simply relax and be supported by the buoyancy of water. Whatever your training needs are, you’ll find enjoyment and relief through exercising in your Fastlane Pools Fitness System. Remember to seek the advice of your medical practitioner before changing your health routine.

Hydromassage for Stress Relief

Your Fastlane Pools Fitness System gives you all the benefits of a heated pool, not just for fitness but for physiotherapy as well. Not only can it improve blood circulation, it can also relieve tight muscles around arthritic joints and promote recovery from injuries. While hydrotherapy leads to many positive health outcomes, your hydromassage goes a step further. It’s the ultimate in stress relief – both mental and physical – when you relax into the therapeutic hydromassage jets and let your pain or worries dissolve. 

Experience hydrotherapy in a Fastlane Pools Fitness System

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