Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle

With a Fastlane Pools Fitness System in your backyard, you can now enjoy the many benefits a heated pool offers and much more. The buoyancy of water, along with heat, is the ideal environment for relieving muscle tension, soothing joint aches and arthritis pains and reducing stress. More than that, a healthy lifestyle promotes overall wellness and simply makes you feel good.

Rest & Relax with a Hydromassage

With a Fastlane Pools Fitness System in your backyard, you have the absolute luxury of a stress-relieving massage any time of the day. There’s no need for an appointment with your masseuse. Simply turn on the powerful hydromassage jets and sit back in the heated water. Each seat is purpose-built with a unique configuration of jets to give you a full back massage. Precision jets allow you to target specific areas, even your calf muscles. Vary the jet direction and power to hit your sweet spot. You’ll get a better night’s sleep afterwards.

A Multi-Purpose Swim Spa for Fitness and Relaxation

With a system that is packed full of cool features and optional extras, combined with our swim current technology, your Fastlane Pools Fitness System is the complete fun and fitness system like no other. Gather the whole family together, whether for a swim, an exercise on the underwater treadmill or an invigorating hydromassage, and enjoy quality time together in the comfort of home.

Swim, Exercise, Relax

Enjoy backyard living at its finest with a pool, spa and fitness system all in one. Swim, relax, exercise and enjoy increased quality time with your family and friends. These beautifully sculpted spas, combining hydrotherapy jet seats, an underwater treadmill and the Fastlane Pools Fitness Systems swim current, can turn your home into an oasis for year-round exercise, relaxation and fun. No other pool offers such a complete solution for your health and wellbeing.

Experience the versatility of a Fastlane Pools Fitness System

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