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Will a swim spa help with aching joints?

Fast-paced living and advances in medical care means we need to start thinking about our long-term health. Aqua therapy offers a host of benefits at every age and can specifically help with a range of wear and tear as well as age-related conditions.

Aquatic therapy isn’t a new thing. Bathing spas and healing waters have long been believed to offer therapeutic benefits since pre-Roman times. Nowadays there’s a plethora of research to show just how beneficial hydrotherapy can be for injury rehabilitation through to helping manage chronic medical conditions.

For most people, warm water is invitation enough and our Fastlane Pools® Fitness Systems can be heated to 40 degrees Celsius. With inbuilt jets and our swim current, you get all the benefits of professional hydrotherapy relief, in privacy, as often as you need, and in your own home.

People who experience muscle spasms, back pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia often find aquatic therapy especially therapeutic but research shows that hydrotherapy can help healing after orthopaedic surgery, injury, sports strain and more.

What conditions does aqua therapy help?

Our customers who are focused on the therapeutic aspects of Fastlane Pools Fitness Systems tell us that our hydrotherapy helps with a wide range of issues including:

  • Lower back pain
  • Knee injuries
  • Joint replacements
  • Upper-extremity injuries
  • Neurological conditions (disease and trauma)
  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Arthritis
  • And more…

Some specific studies have been conducted with great results and are outlined below.

Arthritis Relief

Numerous studies have been conducted to understand how aquatic therapy can benefit sufferers of many forms of arthritis. Utah State University showed that a 6-week, aquatic treadmill exercise programme reduced joint pain and improved balance, function and mobility in patients with Osteoarthritis.

Surgery Recovery

LaTrobe University conducted a meta-analysis (a combined study of all relevant research) and showed that aquatic physical therapy improves function is easily as effective as land-based therapy in terms of pain, oedema, strength and range of motion without increasing wound-related adverse risks.

Another study showed that hydrotherapy helped post knee anterior cruciate ligament surgery including with better scores on balance and fewer episodes of re-injury.

How does hydrotherapy help?

NovaCare Rehabilitation in the USA say, “by conducting your care in water that is maintained at therapeutic temperatures, you will have greater control over your movement with less pain as your body is partially supported by the buoyancy of the water”.

The results we typically see include:

  • Increased flexibility and strengthening of muscles
  • Improved balance and agility
  • Decreased joint swelling and pain
  • Improved endurance throughout the day
  • The weightlessness you experience, reduces joint and muscle stress while the convenience of in-home access to therapy provides ready access – your space, your pace.

The warm water itself facilitates muscle relaxation and circulation while stimulating body awareness, balance and stability. Water resistance supports strength training to an exceptional effect.

Hydrostatic pressure is what we call the force that’s exerted on an immersed body by fluid alone. Hydrostatic pressure can offer relief, particularly for pain or oedema and that in turn can provide for increased range and motion while in the pool.

Reduces lactate threshold

Utah State University showed that running on an underwater treadmill allowed users to achieve the same threshold-intensity training as on land – with lowered stress on joints!

Enhances strength and lean mass gains

Another study from Texas A&M University showed that the benefits of water therapy on the underwater treadmill included reduced soreness, body fat and inflammation with gains in muscle mass and strength performance.

Why have hydrotherapy at home?

As humans, we’re naturally drawn to inviting warm water. However, a bath is seldom spacious enough to provide the kinds of benefits you can get from aqua therapy (even high-end spa baths).

Fastlane Pools are the perfect size – big enough to be fully immersed, small enough to heat and maintain temperature quickly and cost-effectively. They provide easy access and ensure your privacy while rehabilitating or managing an illness or injury.

The convenience of an in-home solution means people tend to use their pools far more frequently than they would a public or institutional facility. Increased use (managed appropriately) produces better results over time and therefore, oftentimes, a faster recovery.

Not only does easy access usually mean speedier recovery times, it also allows you to future proof your health and well-being. The old saying, “use it or lose it” has never been more true than in today’s world.

As we live longer and remain more active for longer, looking after our physical capability is of utmost importance. Fastlane Pools Fitness Systems offer in-home convenience that makes it easy to take regular action to heal, build strength and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

Fastlane Pools Fitness Systems come in a range of styles with all the accessories you could need. Stylish, cost-effective and practical – you’ll find the tools and resources you need to create an optimal health experience for now and long into the future. Check out our selection or take a look at our fitness system in action.

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