How do I choose the best swim spa or fitness system for me?

When choosing a suitable Fastlane Pools Fitness System, consider the following:

1. Do I have enough space for the model I want to purchase?

Our Fastlane Pools Fitness Systems range from 3.7 m to 6 m. Both the E-Series Fastlane Pools Fitness Systems and X-Series SwimCross™ Exercise Systems come in different sizes - you'll need to find one that fits into your backyard or inside your home.

2. Does my backyard have the right setup?

Please note that your backyard needs to have the proper setup before we can install your swim spa. We recommend you read the installation requirements for your swim spa.

3. What’s my experience with swimming against a propulsion system?

The E-Series and X-Series differ in their swim current generator. The E-Series uses the industry-leading Fastlane Pools® Swim Machine that generates a laminar current of up to 19,000 litres per minute. Speeds can be adjusted from 5 to 1 minute per 100 metres.

The X-Series uses the Venturi effect, not air, to give a turbulence-free swim-in-place experience. The wide swim current is generated from five powerful jets – three on top for resistance and two below for lift. This allows you to stay centred and afloat without much effort.

We highly recommend that you take a test swim to ensure you get the swim spa that suits you best.

4. What fitness goals do I want to achieve?

All Fastlane Pools Fitness Systems can be customised with optional extras. Depending on your fitness goals, you may want to go with a treadmill model to enjoy a low-impact run. Other optional accessories, such as a swim tether, can be used in all our fitness and exercise systems to help improve your form.

If you need further assistance with choosing a swim spa that is right for you, visit your local Fastlane Pools Fitness System retailer or book your test swim today.

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