How do I install a swim spa or fitness system and how long does it take?

When you purchase a Fastlane Pools Fitness System at your local dealer, you’ll be given a delivery guide that contains information regarding the installation process. It will also clearly outline what you’ll need to do and where the installer can be of assistance. To avoid delays, both parties need to do their part and ensure the installation site is well prepared for delivery. 

Preparing for installation – Your responsibilities

While your Hot Spring dealer will ensure that the installation is carried out properly, it is the responsibility of the customer to prepare the location in advance so that the installation can begin.

Bear in mind that the location of the swim spa needs to be structurally sound, with a solid foundation able to withstand the weight of a filled swim spa, i.e. water and people. Choose a surface that is level. You are also responsible for providing access to a power source to run the system. Ground preparation and electrical requirements must be performed by qualified and licensed contractors.

On the day of delivery, you may need to prepare enough space around the installation site and ensure that the path is clear for delivery. This may entail removing a part of a gate or fence.

If you have any concerns about site preparation or questions about the installation or timeline, feel free to speak to your dealer before the delivery date. Our aim is to deliver and install your system quickly and to the highest standard of care and safety. When properly installed, you can start enjoying life with your new swim spa, the sooner the better.

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