What are the installation requirements for a swim spa or fitness system?

You’ll first need to ensure you have enough space in your backyard or indoor area to fit in a swim spa before purchasing. You’ll find a range of sizes in our Fastlane Pools Fitness System, SwimCross™ Exercise System or RecSport™ Recreational System to suit your needs.

The Fastlane Pools® Fitness Systems offer three models:

The SwimCross™ Exercise Systems offers two models:

The RecSport™ Recreation Systems offers one model:

Next, consider if the area is suitable for installing your system. We recommend that you check the following:

  1. Is the foundation strong enough? You will need the surface to have a solid foundation strong enough to support a filled swim spa. If installing on a deck, check its maximum load capacity and consult a structural engineer or contractor if the deck is elevated.
  2. Is the surface level and even? For the system to operate well and for the internal plumbing to completely drain, it needs to sit on a level surface.
  3. Is there enough space for easy access to the swim spa? You may want to add steps to allow easy access into the pool. This is available as an optional extra.
  4. Is there access to a 220 – 240v / 32 AMPS power? This is the minimum output requirement for running the system and all its components. Your swim spa will need access to a suitable power source.

If you’re installing your swim spa indoors, it’s best to place it on a surface that isn’t slippery when wet and that has a proper floor drainage with plenty of ventilation. This is to prevent moisture build-up that may affect water-sensitive materials around the area.

If you have more questions about installing a swim spa, feel free to contact your local authorised dealer. They’ll be able to offer expert advice and provide guidance to help you integrate your system into your backyard or indoor area. Proper installation is essential to maintaining a system that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

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