How does the Covana Cover work for Fastlane Pools Fitness Systems and Swim Spas?

The sleek and modern Covana cover, with its cutting-edge design, is a matching fit for the Fastlane Pools Fitness Systems swim spa. Made in Canada and optimised for Australia’s weather conditions, it lifts automatically with a twist of a key to give you quick and easy access to your swim spa. As one of the highest insulated covers for swim spas in the market, it keeps the heat in by sealing your swim spa tight when not in use.

Customised for the Fastlane Pools Fitness Systems

The Covana is carefully measured for each model to give an exact fit for the Fastlane Pools swim spas. The bracketry is specifically designed to perfectly integrate with the design of the Fastlane Pools Fitness System.

Watch the video demonstrating how the Covana cover operates:

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