How is the SwimCross™ Exercise System different from other jetted swim spas?

Jetted swim spas are not new to the Australian market. There are many to choose from but most use high-powered jets similar to spa jets to create their swim current. The use of air to produce force only results in heavy turbulence which makes swimming difficult. The swim jets in the SwimCross Exercise Systems do not introduce air into the swim current. Therefore, there is less turbulence. Swimmers also find it easier to stay afloat, thanks to the configuration of the five jets – three on top for resistance and two below for lift.

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A Superior Swim Jet Technology

Instead of a strong turbulent force produced by the average jet, the water current produced by the SwimCross jets is intelligently drawn in, with the volume multiplied using the Venturi effect. This creates a steady and even flow of current that provides for a superior swim-in-place experience and is much easier to get used to.

You can liken the SwimCross jets to that of a ceiling fan which uses less force to move air. Compare this to the blast of an oscillating fan that throws papers all over the air with its force. Now, which type of current would you prefer to swim against?

The jetted SwimCross Exercise System is popular with Australians who want a variety of resistance exercises, such as swimming and rowing, in a compact fitness system. The five jets give a combination of output levels that you can adjust for your level of workout. Of course, it’s also popular for its superior hydrotherapy jets – 27 in total – that offer the luxury of a sensational total-body hydromassage.

Want to experience the SwimCross Exercise System? You can do so by visiting your local dealer to take a test swim.

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