How does the swim machine produce a water current in a Fastlane Pools® Fitness System?

Swimming in place might be a new concept for some but few can argue against its advantages. The benefit of our swim spa is the Fastlane Pools® Swim Machine.  The innovative technology of the swim machine produces a current that allows you to swim in place and stay afloat. It doesn't take long to get accustomed to swimming in place and many have likened it to swimming in open water. 

The swim machine, like the underwater treadmill, is powered by an energy-efficient 5 HP underwater motor and a hydraulic unit (HPU) that pumps high-grade biodegradable vegetable oil into it. By changing the flow speed of the swim current, from 1.08 – 5.00 minutes per 100 metres, the workout level can be adjusted for beginners right up to professional swimmers. A water-resistant remote control lets you adjust the speed settings, or you can download the Fastlane Pools Fit@Home™ App that lets you set the speed wherever you are and even program your workouts.

The Fastlane Pools Fitness System, with the advanced Swim Machine, is the ideal solution for anyone looking to improve their swim stroke and technique. It offers the flexibility of changing up your exercise routine with a range of optional extras. We recommend that you start at a gentle speed and gradually increase the pace to get used to the swim current.

You can also take a test swim with your nearest dealer to try out the experience!

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